two people biking wants you to be healthy. The last thing we want is for you to get illnesses that you can prevent today. Fortunately, more and more people are becoming aware of how important health is. You don’t have to be at your 40’s to start becoming health conscious. The early you start the better. Being healthy means a total control of your body and mind. Researchers found out that the people who shares their healthy goals to others tend to be more successful. In life, the people around us are great contributors of how we deal with our issues. So we want people to join us as we make healthy goals that you can practice everyday.

Here are some of the campaigns we recommend and support:

Time to Change

Time to change embraces people who are dealing with mental health problems. Their goal is to change how the society approach the people who are suffering with mental health problems. Often times, society tends to discriminate these patients which leads to frustration and worsening of the patient’s health issue.

Cancer Research UK

It is a government initiated campaign to raise awareness about cancer. People are encourage to consult their General Practitioner. Cancer could be terminal but higher chances of recovery happens when proper treatment is done without delay.

British Heart Foundation

British Heart Foundation aims to stop deaths caused by Coronary heart disease. Their organization helps prevent this deadly disease by educating possible people who are at risk. They also conduct intensive research on better ways to cure this deadly disease.