Doctor and PatientDoctor is a term frequently used to refer to a practitioner of medicine. It is the duty of a doctor to maintain human health and attend to those who require medical treatment, it is usual for doctors to undertake a hypocratic oath stating that will uphold an ethical practice of medicine.

In the UK, local doctors, or GPs, which stands for general practitioner, will operate a surgery where people with minor ailments are able to make an appointment where a doctor will asses there condition and either perform small treatments or administer a prescription which can be exchanged at a chemists or pharmacy for medicines.

A GP differs from the doctors one would expect to find working in a hospital insofar as they cover a broad area of expertise, doctors in hospitals are more likely to specialise in one area only. It is not unusual for some people to fear visiting a doctor’s surgery or experiencing any from medical treatment at all, although it is necessary to maintain regular check ups.

The profession of doctors is highly respected as they are performing a indispensable public service and the training required to qualify as a doctor is extremely long and arduous and is undertaken at great personal expense of the doctor, this is reflect in their pay, many doctors can expect to earn an extremely high salary.

The doctor patient relationship is probably most tested when a surgical procedure is being undertaken. In particular procedures where the aesthetic result is of importance with procedures such as cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. Many factors have to be taken into account like the patients expectations, the risk involved and any benefit the cosmetic surgery procedure may bring.

It is very important that you discuss at great length the above with your cosmetic surgeon about the procedure you are undertaking such as rhinoplasty, breast enlargement or in particular facial surgery.

Should you be unsure about any aspect of the surgery be it cosmetic surgery or any other form of medical treatment or examination you are thinking of having or your doctor has advised, it vital that you do not proceed or sign any consent forms until you have had all your questions answered and are sure about everything that is involved including the risks.

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