OysterOysters are one of those food types that most people agree are truly delicious. Some people absolutely love them or simply cannot possibly think of a day without tasting a piece of them. This aside, oysters have many health benefits for those who would pick them any day when they are making a choice on sea food. You can get served anywhere, even while traveling by air.

Airlines such as Ryanair go as far as providing you with health benefits information about oysters. So whenever you call Ryanair number to make a booking also remember to ask about the health benefits of the oysters they serve aboard. Here is what you will be told.

Reduced Risk of Disease

Oysters are packed with high zinc content, a mineral that is known to promote a healthy immune system. This mineral also contributes greatly to wound healing and repair of damaged tissues in the body. Oysters contain the right source of fat and are pretty low in cholesterol. This makes it a better choice for those who are avoiding foods that are high in cholesterol levels which are likely to cause diseases such as hypertension and cardiac failure.

Better Integumentary System

Oysters have just the right amount of protein that is needed for the synthesis of the skin, the nails and the hair. This seafood basically caters for the recommended daily protein needs of an adult. In so doing, it promotes the growth of the skin and all its components while building muscle mass at the same time. It also contains all the essential amino Acids in the right proportions, hence making it easy on the person who is consuming them since they do not need to supplement the oysters with any other form of proteins so as to reach the daily recommended protein count.

Energy Boost

When you are looking for that energy boost that you need just before getting down to a serious workout or facing the remainder of your day, oysters might just be the best solution for you. This is because a serving of oysters contains just the right amount of vitamin B which helps in the breakdown of carbohydrates. This gives you a much needed energy boost and also helps in maintaining the right body size since all those carbohydrates you take in are not allowed to sit dormant in your system and make you heavier and less healthier. With a better metabolic system that the vitamin B in oysters promotes, you are able to burn more fat and keep in shape.

Increased Immunity

Oysters contain zinc and vitamins that boost your immunity and hence make you better equipped to fight disease and resist being subdued by the common viral and bacterial attacks. The high amount of zinc in this seafood is instrumental in fighting common infections such as colds since it really boosts the neutrophils in the body.

Zinc is also known to increase fertility since its deficiency in the diet leads to impotence in men. Nutritional components in oysters have been known to prevent the development of malignant growth and as a result, this seafood is used by people who are undergoing cancer medication. Oysters are also among the least contaminated type of seafood especially with other types suffering from acute mercury contamination that leads to various health complications.

Better Digestion

The proteins found in oysters are digested faster and they are actually easier on the gut than the land forms of proteins such as beef and chicken. They act as good protein sources for those who have sensitive stomachs and intake of oysters does not lead to stomach upsets like other foods normally do.

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