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Internet is a gift for everyone but this doesn’t mean that you can now not visit your doctor. Checking your symptoms online is a good way to know more about the illness you are facing but this has to be verified by your doctor. Never self medicate. Taking the wrong medications can cause complications which may aggravate the symptoms even more. Did you know that taking the wrong antibiotic might immune the bacteria even more? If this happens, the bacteria which causing your illness becomes more difficult to cure.

Check Your Symptoms Online

Here are the trusted sites where you can check the symptoms that are bothering you but again, you should still see a doctor. Your doctor has to verify the problem. Checking your symptoms online can be helpful in giving you idea what you might be facing but never to give you a final say what really that is.


Consult A Doctor Virtually

If you can’t go to a doctor’s office, you may consult a doctor online. You will have to provide all the symptoms you are experiencing. If there is a need for a face-to-face consultation, then please go for it.

Important Reminder: Know your rights. You are protected by HIPAA. These websites are HIPAA compliant, any information you have provided should be private. If you think that your right for privacy is being violated, report it to