Quit Smoking

woman smoking

Stress is the number one excuse we hear behind smoking. We all know that smoking is not good for your health. Check the cover of your cigarettes, you could see some reminders that smoking is dangerous for your health. Cigarettes companies are required to put that on their packaging to keep reminding people of the consequences it can do to your health. If you are planning to quit and having a hard time, you’re not alone.

What to Expect

When you are a chain smoker, you got a constant supply of nicotine in your body. Withdrawing from nicotine might cause you to experience some symptoms. This is normal. And they symptoms might be different depending on the patient. Some experience headache, chills, nauseousness, and short temper. Knowing what to expect prepares you to what lies ahead. You are on the right track. Deciding to quit smoking is a good thing.

Go Slowly But Surely

If you can stop smoking with your willpower then good for you. If not, try the slowly but surely method. You’ll have to limit your smoking day by day. It allows your body to be prepared instead of eliminating the destructive habit right away. Start by eliminating one stick per day until you  can tolerate moving on with your day without cigarettes.

Remind Yourself of Why You are Quitting

When you are at the phase wherein there is great temptation to smoke another stick, remind yourself of the reasons why you are quitting. We interviewed people who went through the process of quitting smoking, and here are the top 3 reasons why they stopped:

Someone in the family died because of lung cancer caused by excessive smoking.

They don’t like the after effects of smoking such as bad breath, dry skin, and yellowing of teeth.

They want to live longer life for the sake of their children.

Find Other Ways to Relieve Stress

Smoking is an acquired habit, you are not born with it which means you have the power to eliminate it. Smoker say that it allows them to think and keep stress at bay. To totally eliminate this destructive habit, you have to find ways on how you can keep yourself busy. We find breathing exercise helps. By doing simple breathing exercise you divert your mind to something else. It improves your blood circulation and allows you to pause for a moment which is an effective way to shake the stress away.