Weight Loss MeasurementThere are loads of ways to lose weight than just considering surgery. Depending on what your BMI (Body Mass Index) depends on whether you would qualify for surgical treatment at all. Most experts will always advise a good healthy eating and exercise program first before embarking on surgery such as gastric balloons and gastric bypasses.

Although these weight loss surgeries or obesity surgery can be reversed they are a last resort and can make life quite uncomfortable for the patient as is it is literally making you body take less food which is very extreme.

Start with a daily walk or jog preferably after you have eaten to burn off some of the calories to you have digested. The reason people become over weight is they eat more calories than they burn which the body then sores as fat. If you are able to burn off more calories than you take each day then you will see a difference in no time provided you watch what you eat and keep exercising.

Try to eat less fat salty foods and more vegetables and fruit. Fruit and vegetables are a great source of energy and goodness and are the perfect food to eat if you feel hungry between meals. Avoid chocolate, crisps and anything with saturated fat as these will add the most calories through each day.

Exercising with other people is the best way to get started. You are able to help each other through the first few weeks which will become easier as you exercise more and more.

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