Sixty-six percent of American adults were either overweight or obese. 48 million are considered obese. Obesity, probably, is the most common form of malnutrition in the Western world, particularly in the USA, and some scientists consider it to be the 2nd leading preventable cause of death in North America. Severe clinical obesity, or morbid obesity, is a chronic condition that is very difficult to treat through diet modification and exercises alone.

It can be defined as being about one hundred pounds heavier the “ideal weight” in proportion to height .To determine if someone is a candidate for weight loss surgery, we use a Body Mass Index or (BMI), the candidate should be greater than 35.

When a person becomes severely obese, lifestyle is changed. Secondary illnesses related to severe obesity may happen, such as hyper tension, diseases of the heart, diabetes mellitus, renal failure, asthma, lack of sleep, heartburn, and cancer of the oesophagus and stomach .

These conditions put the obese person at the risk for premature death. Pain from other conditions such as arthritis and joint destruction are foreseeable, and significantly impact one’s ability to do activities of daily living.

The ability to walk and move about were decreased, along with the experience of enjoying their lives to the fullest. Social acceptance is surely decreased, and obese person then begin to isolate themselves from other people.

They may become very depressed due to their looks. All of these issues becomes so exaggerated, that the person would continue to gain weight, because severely obese persons have a very low chance of losing their weight in the long run.

Obesity continues to increase in the United Kingdom and United States.

The causes of obesity are so complex, that it calls for the involvement from several different fields of expertise, like science, psychiatry, medicine, and behavioural medicine, and psychology.

Obese people need our help, not only in the emotional aspect but with the physical too. Now they have a higher chance of getting back in shape and living the life the would have always wanted through obesity surgery.

This type of surgery works by bypassing the stomach when food is taken which in turns limiting the number of calories, fats and carbohydrates taken which means that the obese person would still burn more fats, more calories.

All of these things happens and still the person whom undergone the surgery would still very full after eating only a few tablespoon of food.

Gastric balloon is the new hope for severely over weight or obese people, being obese would mean that even the simplest of the simple exercise will become very difficult and very dangerous to do. Or even just by simply walking outdoors would be very hard on the knee joints and ankle joints due to the tremendous amount of weight pressing down on the said joints but with the new age comes a new discovery.

This operation would give the severely obese people a second life they deserve. A second life they long for ever since they’ve become stuck on their couch or bed with their food beside them.

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